Amendments to Communicable Diseases Act give regional authorities more means to curb coronavirus

Publication date 23 Feb 2021


The amendments to the Communicable Disease Act have been approved and they entered into force on Monday, 22 February. The amendments strengthen the possibilities of local and regional authorities to take swift measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Under the Act, the authorities may impose regional restrictions on business and leisure activities when it is necessary to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The obligations and restrictions are based on avoiding physical contact between people. 

At the baseline level of the epidemic, the amendments made to the Act apply to general hygiene measures in customer facilities. In the acceleration phase, they apply to arranging activities so that close contacts are not created and in the community transmission phase, to the possibility to temporarily close certain facilities and spaces in which significant infection chains may be generated. 

The majority of the amendments will remain in force until 30 June 2021. More permanent changes have been made to the provisions on isolation, for example. In addition, the provisions concerning the authorities’ right to obtain information and executive assistance have been specified in the Act. 

Additional information 

Amendments to Communicable Diseases Act approved – regional authorities to have more means to curb COVID-19 (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health media release on 19 February 2021) 

Act on Amending and Temporarily Amending the Communicable Diseases Act (pdf, in Finnish)
(Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)

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