Accessibility statement

This accessibility statement applies to the online service and was updated on 30 June 2023.

Service accessibility status

The service does not yet meet all the AA-level and A-level criteria of the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. does not yet fully comply with the requirements

The accessibility of the service was audited by Eficode Oy in 2021. The audit identified the following shortcomings, among others:

  • There is a recurring contrast issue, especially in the combination of green and white. In addition, there were shortcomings in the contrast of colours of different sections.
  • Links are distinguished from body text with only colour and the contrast between the body and link texts is not sufficient.
  • The screen reader and keyboard availability of the cookie notification has room for improvement.
  • Many images that include text, especially infographics, do not show up in screen reader use and have insufficient contrast.
  • Not all tables use programmatically determined column and/or row headings.
  • The implementation of video and audio content is not fully accessible (missing descriptive narration and text-based equivalents).
  • There are accessibility issues in the filter element of the Event Calendar page when using the keyboard and screen reader.

In addition, we are aware of the following shortcomings in accessibility:

  • Attached files and forms offered as attachments are not yet available in all cases.
  • Some videos that are available for more than 14 days are not subtitled.

We are constantly working to improve accessibility

  • We have started correcting the accessibility issues of the online service on the basis of an audit report by Eficode Oy in 2021 and will continue improving in 2023.
  • We have specified guidelines on the accessibility and comprehensibility of online content for the content providers and parties updating the online service, and we will improve the efficiency of correcting accessibility issues related to content (including attachments, forms, videos, podcasts and infographics) accordingly during 2023.

Feedback on accessibility

Did you notice any shortcomings in the accessibility of Let us know! We will respond within 14 days.
Give feedback on the accessibility of

We will do our best to correct the shortcomings. If you are not satisfied with the response or you do not receive a response at all within two weeks, you may submit a notification to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.
Email: saavutettavuus(at)
Instructions and contact information in Finnish (Accessibility requirements website)