Special government services in social welfare and health care

THL is responsible for a set of special government services in social welfare and health care. The aim is to ensure equal access to effective and high-quality services throughout the country.

Forensic genetics
Statutory forensic genetic paternity testing (including testing on relatives), family reunification examinations on request or order by the authorities, and paternity testing (including testing on relatives) and twin zygosity testing on request by private individuals.

Forensic medicine
Cause of death investigations and forensic autopsies, verification of death certificates, as well as guidance and supervision of cause of death investigations.

Forensic odontology
Statutory forensic examinations for age assessment of asylum seekers. Dental, oral and jaw area examinations related to identification of deceased, as well as determining the cause of death and criminal investigations.

Forensic toxicology
Alcohol and drug analyses for the criminal justice system, law enforcement, healthcare services, services for substance abusers, and occupational healthcare services.

Mediation in criminal and civil cases
Organisation, co-ordination and development at national level of mediation services in criminal and civil cases as well as compilation of statistics on mediation in criminal and civil cases.

Shelters for victims of domestic violence
Organisation of shelter services for victims of domestic violence as well as co-ordination and development of the service network.

Institutions under THL

State reform schools (in Finnish)
Child welfare services and special needs education. Operates under THL’s purview.

State mental hospitals
Niuvanniemi Hospital
Vanha Vaasa hospital
Specialised services in forensic psychiatry. Operates under THL’s purview.

Prison family unit  (in Finnish)
A child welfare unit operating under THL’s purview. 

Prisoners' health care (in Finnish)
Forensic psychiatric assessments and organisation of primary and specialised healthcare services for prisoners. Operates under THL’s purview.

On other websites

Nollalinja 080 005 005 is a nationwide free-of-charge helpline for anyone who has experienced violence or a threat of violence in a close relationship. Nollalinja is also available for family members of victims of violence and for professionals and officials who require advice in their work with customers.
Nollalinja is a special government service funded by victim surcharges levied on offenders.