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THL is a statistical authority in social welfare and health care that bases its work on both general statistics legislation as well as on legislation concerning statistics in the field of social welfare and health care.

Statistical principles

Statistical principles
THL observes nationally and internationally approved statistical principles.

Descriptions of statistics

Descriptions of statistics
The description of statistics is a concise account of the data content, data collection methods, data sources, and of the classifications used.

Quality descriptions

Quality descriptions
The quality description is an assessment of the quality, reliability and suitability of the statistics for different purposes in accordance with the quality description recommendations by the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF). A quality description is also drawn up for statistics that are published outside the Official Statistics of Finland series.

Register descriptions and data descriptions

Register descriptions
In accordance with the Personal Data Act, the register file description includes information on the related legislation, purpose of the register, its data content and data sources.

Data descriptions
Data descriptions are drawn up for statistics that are not based on personal data files. They include the same information as the file descriptions, where appropriate.


Research use and data permits
Information on how to obtain permission for research access to confidential social welfare and health care registers and documents.

Coding service (in Finnish)
THL maintains code systems and classifications in the field of social and health care.


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Statistics describing the development and state of society produced by various actors in accordance with the OSF quality criteria.