A seminar participant is standing up and asking a question, with a microphone in hand.

The safety of our customers is of utmost importance to us. In order to ensure health security, we follow the authorities’ instructions for event organisers.
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Event calendar

Information on THL events is listed in the event calendar. You can also find past events and their documents in the calendar. 
THL's event calendar (in Finnish)

THL events

THL organises several seminars and training events for various stakeholders every year. In 2021, we organised more than 250 different events with a total of about 60,000 participants.

THL events address topical themes in healthcare and social welfare. Our goal is to provide our stakeholders with easily accessible expert information to support their own work.

Health security at THL events

We want our guests, speakers, and event organisers to feel safe at our events and we take into account the current recommendations by authorities.

  • Attend the event only if you are feeling healthy.
  • The general mask recommendation has been lifted but masks may still be used according to personal discretion. Note also possible local mask recommendations.
  • We recommend up-to-date vaccination protection for all participants.
  • We ensure that there are adequate hand washing and disinfection points at the venue and we hope that participants will take care of hand hygiene.
  • We make sure that it is possible to keep sufficient distance to other participants at the venue and we hope that participants keep a distance from others, for example, while queuing. 
  • We ensure that the catering services at the event comply with the recommendations issued by the authorities.

We follow the instructions of the authorities and change our own guidelines as necessary.

Please note that many THL events can also be attended remotely.

Privacy notice for events

How do we handle information about event participants?
Read the Privacy notice for events

Principles for safer events 

As a pioneer of equality, THL wants to make its events safe and equal for all participants. Safer events improve the inclusion of vulnerable people and groups of people in particular. The principles for safer events apply to THL employees and partners as well as the performers and participants of the event. The participants accept the principles when registering.
Principles for safer events at THL