Research at THL

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The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) carries out extensive research on population health and social welfare. Research at THL is solution-oriented and provides evidence-based information to support the decision-makers and experts at various levels of the governmental and health and social welfare sectors. 

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Programmes

The current four RDI Programmes are: 

The RDI programs promote planetary health and wellbeing. Planetary health and wellbeing is an approach that recognizes humans as part of nature. A sustainable society and human health and wellbeing can only be promoted within the limits of the Earth's carrying capacity.

THL's goals for influencing

Research in figures

Currently there are over 60 EU-funded research projects at THL, and 30 projects funded by the Academy of Finland. The results from the research projects are published in international peer-reviewed journals, and in THL’s own publications. The number of peer-reviewed articles is approximately 700 annually.
Current research and projects

THL’s total annual budget is 90 million euros, and out of this, the amount of research funding is 30 million euros. The amount of research personnel is 380, including various Research Professors.

Research data

THL manages several extensive research data resources from register studies and population-based surveys to sample collections of the THL Biobank. To optimize the scientific value and widespread use of these resources, THL actively offers external investigators an opportunity to obtain access to THL data for various health and biomedical research purposes.

Register data

THL's register data includes national individual-level data that has been collected for the past 50 years from the Finnish health care and social services. THL provides access to statistical information on a wide range of diseases, treatments and services, which can be combined with data from other sources. The most used THL registers currently include the Care Register for Heath Care, the Cancer Registry and the Medical Birth Register.
Data and Services

Population studies

Population-based surveys are based on longitudinal follow-up random samples of research participants from the general population. They include information obtained via questionnaires (typically covering various health, diet and lifestyle factors) and objective health examination, and a collection of biological samples. The best known population-based surveys include the national FINRISK Study and the national FinSote Survey.

THL Biobank

THL Biobank hosts a remarkable collection of population- and disease-specific samples for research purposes. Biobanking ensures uniform access to samples and data, high-quality sample management and supply services, up-to-date databases for sample and data availability and standardized information management of the sample collections. 
THL Biobank

RDI support services at THL

THL has several hundred ongoing RDI projects, often involving national and international collaboration. THL is committed to the best practices in project management as well as to the principles of research ethics and integrity, and to promoting equality in all activities.

THL’s RDI Support Services together with administrative, communications and information services - provides support to researchers and experts at every phase of the project cycle. RDI Services also support THL’s research management in international RDI networking and program coordination; and create preconditions for successful RDI activities. 

For further information please contact RDI support services: researchoffice(at)