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Promoting gender equality and equal decision-making

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Information on the preparation and coordination of the Government’s gender equality policy.
Information on the Council's work for promoting gender equality.
Information and guidance on the Equality Act and its implementation.
The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman is the Finnish National Rapporteur on violence against women.
Information on the position of women and men and gender equality in Finland.
Information on research, policies, facts and practices in the field of gender equality in the Nordic countries.
Information concerning gender equality and gender mainstreaming issues in the EU.

Centre for Gender Equality Information in social media

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The Gender Equality website offers updated, research-based information on gender equality. The website supports decision-making, the promotion of gender equality, the supervision of gender equality policy and the implementation of citizens' rights.
Centre for Gender Equality Information in Finland, operating under the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), is a national information service that provides information related to gender equality and gender studies.