Promoting the health, wellbeing and inclusion in culturally diverse Finland.

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The Ministry deals with the basic security of immigrants, essential social and health services in terms of integration and other forms of support.
The website is maintained by the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
Information about diversity and non-discrimination in working life.
Statistics about persons with foreign background.
is the agency that processes and decides on matters related to immigration, residence, refugee issues, and Finnish nationality
Eligibility for Finnish social security benefits is based on residence in Finland.
The task of the Advisory Board on Romani Affairs is to enhance the equal participation of the Roma population in the Finnish society, to improve their living conditions and socio-economic position and to promote their culture.
The Sámi Parliament (Sámediggi) is the self-government body of the Sámi. Its main purpose is to plan and implement the cultural self-government guaranteed to the Sámi as an indigenous people.
The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for drafting legislation on immigration. It also guides and develops the immigration administration, and is responsible for performance guidance for the Finnish Immigration Service.
The Ministry of Justice was responsible for the reform of the legislation on equality and non-discrimination and coordinates the implementation of the Non-Discrimination Act in the government.

What's new

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has produced a multilingual video series on mental health which is aimed at people who have moved to Finland as refugees. The 'Mental Health for Immigrants' video series is released today and has been co-developed together with experts by experience and health professionals.
Experiences of torture among refugees and asylum seekers are common, and torture causes serious health issues and social problems. Researchers compared the health and well-being of men who have experienced torture and other traumatic experiences and found that experiences of torture are related to symptoms of anxiety and depression and poorer perceived health and quality of life.
Read more about the new study by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) on voter turnout in municipal elections in the 18 regions in continental Finland and in the six largest cities.
PALOMA Training is free, web-based and comprehensive training package, which gives you basic information about encountering people with refugee background and supporting their well-being.