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Familiarise yourself with the different application possibilities of THL’s (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) statistics and data, and the available services.

Statistics available for use free of charge 

THL produces dozens of statistics annually, which are available for use free of charge on our website. Statistical data are available as ready-made compilations of key data or more extensive reports, as well as statistical graphics in PowerPoint format for further use. Statistical data in our databases can be filtered according to different parameters and regional operators. 
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Some of the registers behind the statistics can also be explored as ready-made compilations of key data or in data cubes enabling more versatile data analyses.
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Data for research

You can apply for permission to use, for example, the following data in your research:

Permission to use data is applied via Health and Social Data Permit Authority Findata or THL depending on the case.
Research use and data permits
Read more about Findata

Read more about THL's population studies
Population studies

Read more about using THL Biobank’s material for research purposes on the biobank’s own website.
THL Biobank’s information for researchers 

Descriptions of THL's data resources can be found in Data resources catalogue.
Data resources catalogue

Open data for developers

Most of THL statistics, materials and databases are available for use as open, machine readable data. We encourage businesses, application developers and everyone else interested to develop new services and innovations on the basis of them. 
Read more about open data and download the information for your use 

Do you need more?

We also offer statistical data and analysis services on request. Make a data request through Findata.
Statistics and analysis services
More information about data requests on Findata's website


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