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The website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is at thl.fi.

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The thl.fi web service uses cookies to, for example, collect visitor statistics and information about the usefulness and availability of the site. In some cases, cookies also collect IP addresses that are considered to be personal data.
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Feedback and contact forms

You are also able to contact us or give us feedback on our web pages through online forms. When communicating with us using the thl.fi online form, you can either provide your name and contact data or choose not to. The information in the form is forwarded to the e-mail of the recipient displayed on the form. The data is only stored in the e-mail folder while being processing. After this, it is deleted. The data is not stored in a separate register or other database unless otherwise stated in the form. 
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Use the reaction buttons at the end of a certain page to provide anonymous feedback about the content of that page. This feature will appear on Finnish pages if you have accepted all cookies on the site. 
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It is requested that you do not enter sensitive data into your feedback. 

User interface

Thl.fi builds on the Liferay DXP platform.


Attachments available on thl.fi are mainly PDF files. PDF files can be opened in a browser or using a separate reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The program can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.
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Page elements and page navigation

The website has seven main sections available through the main menu at the top of each page. Navigation is also possible by using the breadcrumb trail.

The language buttons at the top of each page are links to different language versions (Finnish, Swedish, English) of that page, if available. Otherwise, the link will lead to the website's home page.

The THL logo always leads to the home page.

At the bottom of each page there are links to THL's social media services, to a feedback form, to an accessibility statement and to information about the site as well as the copyright year and THL's contact details. The website main sections can even be accessed through the menu at the bottom of the page. 


A Printing function is usually available at the end of each page, above the bottom bar.

Responsive web design

Thl.fi has a responsive web design providing an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of screen sizes and devices. Whether the website is viewed using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or a larger screen, it will always have the same usability and functionality. The contents are the same for all devices.

Search function

The thl.fi search tool is at the top of each page. 

Social media and RSS feed

The website content can be shared on social media through the share buttons displayed in connection with each content. THL's social media services can be accessed through icons at the bottom of each page. 

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Update information

The date of last modification is displayed in connection with the relevant content. Press releases and news items display their date of publication. In different language versions, this is determined by the publication of the first language version.


Unless otherwise specified, the copyright holder of the material on the website is THL. The text content can be freely quoted and the pages can be linked, provided that the source is acknowledged. Specific authorisation is required to use the pictures or other graphic material placed on the website. The THL website also includes links to third-party websites. THL takes no responsibility for the contents of any external websites linked to the website.


In making the online contents available, THL makes every effort to keep the information accurate and up-to-date. THL reserves the right to make changes or restrict access to the website at any time. THL does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of the website.

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