Early delivery of Biontech-Pfizer coronavirus vaccines to bring 50,000–80,000 additional weekly doses to Finland

Publication date 16 Apr 2021

More of the Biontech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine will be coming to Finland than previously expected as the pharmaceutical company increases its vaccine deliveries to EU countries. Starting in week 17 about 50,000 more doses of the vaccine will be imported each week than previously expected. In weeks 22-26 the number of additional doses will grow to about 80,000.

“The news is encouraging, as it will bring the coronavirus vaccine sooner to more people”, says Mia Kontio. Chief Specialist at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

All in all, 3-4 million doses of the various coronavirus vaccines will have reached Finland by the end of June. Most of the coronavirus vaccines used in Finland are of the mRNA variety, which also include the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine.

Currently, the coronavirus vaccination rate in Finland is about 160,000 a week. More than one fifth of the population, about 22 percent, have been given at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Most senior citizens vaccinated against coronavirus

In many municipalities, a majority of senior citizens aged 70 and over will have been vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of this week. The first coronavirus dose has been given to 84 percent of all who have turned 70.

“There is regional variation in the vaccination situation and in the age structure of the population, but on the national level about 77 percent of even the youngest among the senior group – those aged 70-79, have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. For older seniors, those aged 80 and over, vaccine coverage is about 10 percentage points higher. The high numbers indicate that the desire to be vaccinated has been great”, Kontio observes.

“If a senior has not yet been vaccinated, it does not mean that the person would have missed their turn. Coronavirus vaccinations will continue until all those who want one have been vaccinated and the possibility for a vaccination is offered to all”, she observes.

The coronavirus vaccinations are proceeding for members of high-risk groups. High-risk groups include those who are especially susceptible to a severe case of coronavirus disease because of an underlying illness or condition. According to current estimates, nearly all who are in a high-risk group will have been vaccinated by mid-May. 

Municipalities book appointments for those who are next in line in the vaccination order while vaccinations for the previous group are still under way. The purpose of this is to streamline and expedite the progress of the vaccinations. 

Further information:

Mia Kontio
Chief Specialist
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