Enjoy your winter holiday out of doors – ski tracks, slopes, and forests are now the safest places for a holiday

Publication date 12 Feb 2021

Enjoy your ski holiday responsibly.

Ski tracks, forests, and hills for sledding are some of the safest places to enjoy the upcoming skiing holiday. The risk of being infected by the coronavirus is low when exercising out of doors.

THL recommends that winter holidaymakers get their outdoor exercise among close friends and avoid large crowds. There is a risk of being infected in all parts of Finland, even though there are regional differences in the incidence of the virus. The epidemic situation is constantly fluctuating, and travel increases the risk of propagating the virus. 

“This year it is worth considering the possibility of spending the skiing holiday near home, focusing on outdoor activities among people close to you”, says THL Director Mika Salminen.

Those with symptoms of coronavirus disease should not take part in any holiday activities. In such a case it is important to be tested immediately.

Avoid after ski completely

For those who nevertheless plan to travel in Finland, it is important to remember to:

  • follow the development of the epidemic situation,
  • spend time preferably among one's closest friends and family,
  • avoid crowds,
  • maintain a distance of at least two metres when in the presence of other people, also while outside
  • practice good hand hygiene,
  • use a mask in all public indoor areas. 

Travelling in your own car is safe as long as you remember social distancing, hand hygiene, and mask use at rest stops. 

This year is not a good time to party at a ski resort with a large group of friends. The risk of infection is considerably reduced if you spend your holiday at a cabin or hotel with your family or close friends. 

“Bars, night clubs and after ski venues are risky places where maintaining social distancing might be difficult”, Salminen says. 

It is best to use your own discretion when visiting restaurants and cafés, preferably at off-peak times.

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