Extensive FinFluHD influenza vaccine study discontinued due to the coronavirus pandemic

Publication date 27 Apr 2022

The extensive FinFluHD influenza vaccine study will be discontinued completely because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The study has examined how effective a new, high-dose influenza vaccine is in people aged 65 and over compared to the conventional influenza vaccine which has also been used in the national vaccination programme.

The sponsor of the study, vaccine manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur, has decided that the study will be completely discontinued in April 2022. The FinFluHD vaccine study, originally planned to last several years, was carried out during the influenza season 2019–2020. More than 33,000 people participated in the study.

The reason for the premature discontinuation of the study is the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictive measures, which have strongly reduced the circulation of influenza in the population. 
Achieving the objectives of the study is not possible because there are considerably fewer hospitalisations due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases caused by influenza. No safety issues were identified in the study.

THL carried out the study in cooperation with Sanofi Pasteur. Sanofi Pasteur was the main sponsor of the study, and the practical implementation was carried out by selected health centres under THL’s guidance.

Vaccinations received during the study in 2019–2020 do not affect influenza vaccines administered at later times. An annual influenza vaccine is recommended in Finland for everyone aged 65 or over.

Further information

FinFluHD influenza vaccine study (in finnish)

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Research Manager
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