Koronavilkku updates today - open the app after updating

Publication date 20 Apr 2021

Today, on April 20, a new update version of Koronavilkku has been released. After the update, the app will ask iPhone users for permission to turn on notifications. Notifications should be allowed for Koronavilkku to function after the update. On Android phones, the user is not asked for a corresponding permission.   

After the update is complete, open Koronavilkku and make sure that it displays "Koronavilkku is active” in the home view. If notifications are not allowed, the app's home view displays “Notifications not active”. The red button next to the text can be used to turn on notifications.  

After the update, Koronavilkku will utilize the new version of the exposure notification system. The new version improves the accuracy of detecting potential exposures. As another change, instead of evaluating an individual encounter, the app calculates the combined risk of encounters occurring during the same 24-hour period. In addition, the delivery of exposure notifications will be sped up as data can now be delivered six times a day. 

On most phones, Koronavilkku updates automatically. However, we recommend that you make sure that the app has been updated. You can check by visiting the app store (Google Play or Apple App Store).   

The corresponding update for Huawei AppGallery will be released later.  

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Aleksi Yrttiaho  
Director of Information Services 
[email protected]

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