Koronavilkku users can now apply for COVID-19 testing based on exposure notifications – make sure your application has been updated

Publication date 5 Mar 2021

An updated version of Koronavilkku has been launched on 4 March. After the update, all those who have received an exposure notification may apply for the test. In the past, the recommendation has been to apply for the test only if the person has symptoms of COVID-19 in addition to receiving an exposure notification. 

In the new version of the application, users who have received an exposure notification are advised to contact health care for instructions on how to get tested and other relevant guidance. People with symptoms are urged to get tested immediately. Those who are not experiencing any symptoms are also directed to the test based on a health care assessment when the local sampling and testing situation allows for it.  

In addition, the application now provides instructions on exposure notifications that can be accessed even if the person has not received an exposure notification. The instructions have also been published on the Koronavilkku website. 

The Koronavilkku application is being developed to help combat the epidemic. The aim of the new policy is to make the breaking of transmission chains even more efficient. 

On most phones, Koronavilkku updates automatically. However, we recommend that you make sure that the app has been updated. You can do that by visiting the application store (Google Play, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery). 

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Next month, Koronavilkku users can get tested based on exposure notifications (thl.fi)

Aleksi Yrttiaho 
Director of Information Services
[email protected]

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