Latest information on coronavirus infections in schools updated on THL’s website

Publication date 8 Apr 2021

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THL has updated its website with the latest information on coronavirus infections in schools. The website contains information on exposures and infections in early childhood education, comprehensive schools and upper secondary education between August 2020 and February 2021. 

A total of approximately 62,600 children, adolescents or staff members were exposed to COVID-19 between August and February at different grades. A total of 926 infections were diagnosed, representing 1.5 % of all exposed persons. 

The risk of further infection in schools is small 

As the epidemic has gotten more severe, exposure situations have increased. The number of people who were tested at the beginning of the year due to being exposed has also been significantly higher to prevent the spread of the mutations of the virus.

In spite of this, further infections related to early childhood education and care and the school environment have been detected in only a small proportion of those exposed. The risk of infection after exposure in school continues to be significantly lower than the risk of infection in other situations involving exposure. 

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Coronavirus infections in schools

Otto Helve
Chief Physician
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