New travel restrictions take effect on Wednesday, 27.1. – changes to travel guidelines

Publication date 29 Jan 2021

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Government decisions on new travel restrictions made on 22 January took effect on 27 January. The Finnish Institute for Health and welfare (THL) has updated its travel guidelines to correspond with new practices. 

It is recommended that all travellers arriving in Finland from countries where the incidence of coronavirus exceeds 25/100,000 in a period of two weeks should observe a voluntary 14-day quarantine. The quarantine can be shortened with two negative test results. 

It is recommended that the travellers should have a test unless they have a certificate of a test taken up to 72 hours earlier. Those who spend more than 72 hours in Finland should be retested after 72 hours have elapsed from their arrival.

Work-related travel to Finland is permitted only for professions that are essential for security of supply. It is now recommended that they should also observe a 14-day quarantine. As is the case with other travellers, this can be shortened by being tested. 

Regular work between Finland and Sweden and between Finland and Norway is possible with no quarantine if the person has a certificate of a negative coronavirus test taken less than 7 days earlier. 

The quarantine and testing recommendations do not apply to transport and logistics personnel in goods transport while on a work assignment. They have their own instructions given at the border that apply to their jobs.

Additional information

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