Spend Easter with your family at home

Publication date 25 Mar 2021

How to spend Easter safely?

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare encourages people to spend Easter this year at home with their family. Because reducing social contacts will reduce the risk of being infected with coronavirus, everyone should consider how they could minimise contacts both in their daily lives and during Easter holidays. 

It is essential to remember that official quarantine and isolation prescribed by an infectious disease doctor must be observed in all situations. A person in quarantine or isolation cannot travel, and the quarantine or isolation must be spent in a location specified by an infectious disease doctor.

Leisure travel, both domestically and abroad, should wait for the epidemic situation to improve. 

However, if you have to travel outside your local area, it is particularly important to check in advance the instructions issued by the local authorities for your destination area and the restrictions in force there. For example, it would be a good idea to check where you can get tested if you have symptoms that indicate coronavirus. 

“I hope that people will think twice before they go on a holiday elsewhere in Finland instead of staying in their local area or at their summer cottage. This is absolutely necessary this Easter. In particular, the corona situation in southern Finland has reached a record level, and group trips involving a relatively large number of participants are associated with a significant risk of spreading the disease. We have recently received examples of such cases,” says Mika Salminen, Director of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). 

“As it is now, the safest way to act is as most people did at the turn of the year and during the skiing holiday; that is, to stay with one's own family and friends, away from after-ski parties. Let's try together to avoid any setbacks during the spring, so that we can have an opportunity to enjoy our summer holidays,” Salminen says.

Enjoy the increasingly warm weather by going out

Warming weather enables people to engage in versatile outdoor activities in their own home neighbourhood. THL therefore encourages you to be outdoors and enjoy the spring weather, as the risk of getting a coronavirus infection while being outdoors is low. 

It is a good idea to go trick-or-treating on Palm Sunday outdoors only with one's immediate family and friends. 

Please remember when you celebrate Easter:

  • minimize contacts with people outside your immediate family and friends
  • practice good hand hygiene
  • wear a mask in all public buildings and in public transport
  • keep a distance of more than two metres to other people
  • keep an eye on the development of the epidemic situation in your region
  • immediately seek a test if you have coronavirus symptoms
  • closely follow the instructions issued by the infectious disease authority if you are exposed to the virus.

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