THL recommends avoiding all travel to India

Publication date 28 Apr 2021

man with a travelbag.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommends that people should avoid all travel to India at present. The epidemic situation in the country has deteriorated rapidly, and the new mutated coronavirus B.1.617 has been detected in India. At present there is insufficient information on the ability of the new mutated virus to spread and cause a serious form of the disease. 

India's external borders have been closed for the time being, and the granting of tourist visas has been suspended for the most part.

A similar THL advisory to avoid all travel to Brazil and South Africa remains in force. All other foreign travel should also be limited to the most essential. 

Passengers arriving from high-risk countries are expected to participate in health inspections organised at border crossing points.

Additional information

Travel and the coronavirus pandemic

Hannu Kiviranta
Research Professor
[email protected]  

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