THL statement to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: regional targeting of coronavirus vaccinations would be feasible

Publication date 29 Mar 2021

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has given the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health a statement on proposals for regional targeting of COVID-19 vaccinations based on the regional epidemic situation.

According to the assessment by THL it would be possible to target coronavirus vaccines regionally. The model would reduce the need for intensive care somewhat but would not significantly slow the progression of the epidemic. Moving ahead as quickly as possible with vaccinations for the elderly, those who are in high-risk groups, and those who are exposed is the top priority. 

In addition to medical and epidemiological considerations, THL has examined in its statement issues including questions related to equality among the citizens, questions related to the delivery schedule and distribution of the vaccines, and the ability of local authorities to carry out the vaccinations. In drafting the statement, the issue has been discussed with municipalities and health care districts. In its statement, THL has also considered the view of the National Vaccine Expert Group.

Decisions on the possible regional targeting of coronavirus vaccinations will be made by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Government.

Additional information:

Markku Tervahauta
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Mia Kontio
Chief Specialist
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