Minna-Maria Sinkkonen

Minna-Maria Sinkkonen, Project Manager, THL

Name: Minna-Maria Sinkkonen
Born: 1966
Title: Development Manager, Advisor
Tel.: + 358 29 524 7032
E-mail: [email protected]


  • Project/process planning,  management and coordination, monitoring and evaluation especially in international multicultural settings
  • Facilitation of dialogues and use of dialogue methods in management and development processes
  • Excellent training, presentation and communication skills including editing and writing of publications and blogging
  • Participatory needs-based  design of integrated services in multiprofessional settings 
  • Experience and knowledge of developing social policies and strategies using human rights approach and mainstreaming vulnerable groups such as children at risk, people with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, gender issues, victims of violence, drug users

Primary duties

  • Project manager of the Finnish Presidency Project of the Nordic Council of Ministers “Achieving the World's Smoothest Cross-Border Mobility and Daily Life Through Digitalisation”, health care work package 2021–2023

  • Advise and support to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in international cooperation: Nordic Cooperation, Council of Baltic Sea States, Arctic Council, Barents Euro-Arctic Cooperation

  • External consulting to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in social sector issues

  • International expert assignments in EU Twinning, EU technical assistance and Finnish Government funded projects in health and social sector 


  • 1992, MSc Political Science, social policy, University of Helsinki
  • 2012 Specialist Qualification in Product Development/Service Design in social and health sectors, Finnish Innovation Community of Social and Health Care Providers

Work experience

  • Project Coordinator, International Development Collaboration at STAKES
  • Project Assistant, International Development Collaboration at STAKES

Language skills

  • Finnish (native)
  • Swedish (good)
  • English (excellent)
  • French (satisfactory)