Mediation in criminal and civil cases

Mediation in criminal and certain civil cases is a voluntary, non-party and non-chargeable service that allows the parties of a crime or civil case to handle the events in the presence of non-party mediators.

Mediation provides the opportunity to discuss the mental and material harm caused to the victim by the crime and to agree on measures to redress the harm.

Voluntary mediators help the parties with the negotiations. Mediation may be used also in certain civil cases in which at least one of the parties is a natural person and if dealing with them through mediation can be considered expedient.

In criminal and civil cases mediation can be requested

  • by a party involved in a criminal or civil case
  • by a guardian or a legal representative of a child or a young person
  • by the police, prosecuting authority or other authority.

A mediation request is submitted to the nearest mediation office. In domestic violence cases, only the police or prosecutor can initiate mediation. The officials at the mediation office assess whether the case is suitable for mediation and give parties advice on all details.
Contact details for all mediation offices in Finland

Consent is required

Mediation can be undertaken only between parties who have personally and voluntarily expressed their consent to mediation and who can understand the significance of mediation and of any mediation settlements.

Before giving their consent to mediation, the parties will be informed of their rights and status in the mediation process. The parties have the right to withdraw their consent at any point during the mediation.

Mediation is subject to consent from all parties involved. Consent is required even from minors and their guardians or, if necessary, their legal representative.