THL has specified the coronavirus vaccination order for social welfare and health care personnel

Publication date 23 Apr 2021

THL has specified section 1.5 of the coronavirus vaccination order concerning social welfare and health care personnel providing emergency care. 

In group 1.5, a limited number of social welfare and health care personnel working in areas that are considered urgent and critical by the region can be vaccinated against COVID-19. These areas of work are essential for guaranteeing the patients’ statutory right to urgent treatment. 

Such groups of essential personnel include:

  • Acute psychiatry unit personnel
  • Essential staff for units providing urgent care (such as round-the-clock emergency clinics and daytime emergency clinics)
  • Surgical and operative unit personnel providing emergency or urgent care
  • Personnel providing emergency or urgent care at wards
  • Personnel dealing with births
  • Emergency substance abuse care personnel
  • Personnel at emergency child welfare units

This guideline is related to the Government decrees of 22 December and 16 April on coronavirus vaccines. Vaccinations for older persons and risk groups have progressed well and the availability of vaccines has improved.

Currently, more than 1.4 million people, or more than a quarter of the population, have received a coronavirus vaccine in Finland.

Additional information

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National Advisory Committee on Vaccines (KRAR)
(THL, in Finnish)

Government decree amending and temporarily amending the government decree on voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations, 16 April 2021 (Government, in Finnish)

Heini Salo 
Senior Researcher
[email protected]

Ville Peltola
KRAR Chair
Turku University Hospital

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