Work plan and activities

Building up a repository of best practices in alcohol policy

Help the WHO to build up a repository of best practices in alcohol policy with the focus on interventions outlined in SAFER. THL will plan the content and production process of the repository and co-create the first cases to be included in the repository, starting with restrictions on alcohol availability. 

Timeframe: 2021–2023
Led by Pia Mäkelä and Katariina Warpenius

Alcohol policy scaling

The Collaborating Centre will further develop the methodology of using quantitative scales or indexes in order to monitor and evaluate policies on a global scale.

Timeframe: 2021–2023
Led by Thomas Karlsson

Examine the consequences of the expansion in e-commerce of alcoholic beverages

The phenomenon of e-commerce in alcohol is looked upon and an attempt is made on assessing the effects that the new ways of acquiring alcohol could have on public health and on the regulation of the alcohol market.

Timeframe: 2021–2024
Led by Thomas Karlsson and Katariina Warpenius

Case study on experiences with alcohol taxation in the Nordic countries

The Collaborating Centre will gather experiences and evidence from the Nordic countries into a case study on the effects of alcohol taxation on alcohol consumption and related harm. In addition to this, changes in alcohol taxation structures, levels and political surroundings in the Nordic countries are mapped and a timeline for changes in alcohol taxation levels between 1995 and 2020 will be created.

Timeframe: 2021–2022
Led by Thomas Karlsson