The target population comprises of all students studying in Tampere’s Finnish speaking 9th grade classes in the spring of 1983. At this time 2 194 students participated in the school survey. 

The same cohort was asked to participate in postal follow-up surveys in the years 1989, ’99, ’09 and 2019. 

The Stress, Development and Mental Health study is conducted by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.  

Research partners

Data collection has been partially carried out in collaboration with the University of Tampere’s Faculty of Public Health.

Additionally, data collection has been funded by: 

  • The Research Council of Finland
  • Signe ja Ane Gyllenberg Foundation
  • Yrjö Jansson Foundation

TAM data has been utilized by numerous researchers from various organizations. The study itself as well as individual affiliates have received funding from various sources, including the Juha Vainio foundation. 

Study ethics 

The University of Tampere and the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) ethics committees have evaluated and granted ethical approval for the study at each stage of data collection. Additionally, THL has granted a statement of approval regarding the integration of longitudinal data with cause of death register data. 

Data security and the privacy of the research participants are ensured in such a way that personal identifiers of participants are kept in a separate location from the data used in analysis. Research materials can only be processed by selected and approved researchers. In addition, all employees who come to handle the research material sign a non-disclosure agreement. 


Baseline data and follow-up studies 

Survey questionnaires