Well-working Social and Health Care and Social Services

Parent and child a the healthcare centre

The RDI Programme on Well-working Social and Health Care and Social Services focuses on the system-level analyses of effectiveness, quality and cost-efficiency of services, while taking into account the service needs of special groups, service integration and the compatibility between services, social benefits and income.

Comparative analysis of policy instruments is the key to successful system reforms, and the multidisciplinary research programme aims to support the ongoing reforms of the social security system and social and healthcare services in Finland. 

The programme evaluates alternative means to provide social and healthcare services, and provides tools for the entailed decision-making. International comparison and cooperation play an important role in the research. 

Examples of projects in the RDI Programme

COPE - Competent workforce for the future

The purpose of the project is to explore the transition in health and social services and its impact on employment, competence needs and competence development.

The distributional effects of social and health care in Finland (SOTE-SISU) 

The study examines the effects of out-of-pocket payments and their effects on households’ livelihood in various population subgroups. The analysis covers payments for public social and healthcare, medicines, health-related travel expenses and private healthcare.

PERFECT – PERFormance, Effectiveness and Cost of Treatment episodes  

The project monitored the content, quality and cost-effectiveness of treatment episodes in specialised medical care.


TO-REACH is a coordination and support action to prepare a joint European research programme designed to produce research evidence supporting health care services and systems to become more resilient, effective, equitable, accessible, sustainable and comprehensive.

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