Information Services maintains collections of national and international materials relevant to THL's areas of expertise. The contents of the collections reflect the needs of THL research and development projects and the wishes of THL staff.

The key topic areas include

  • the welfare state
  • regional co-operation
  • service delivery structure
  • service quality in social and health care
  • social and health economics
  • social and health statistics
  • evaluation of social services
  • health technology assessment
  • mental health work
  • alcohol and drugs

Books and publication series

The library materials can be searched by means of the THLLib catalogue, which mainly contains information about printed materials but also about audiovisual materials and the electronic versions of printed publications.

The publications have been provided with Finnish keywords.

Electronic and printed journals

Information Services mostly subscribes to electronic journals. We currently have subscriptions to thousands of electronic journals in social and health sciences. The journals are subscribed to individually or as part of publishers' packages.

Journal Portal provides access to all online journals acquired by Information Services. The journals are accessible within the THL network with the ip code. Journal Portal also provides information on the printed journals stored within the library.

Databases and portals

Information Services makes available the most important electronic services in THL's areas of expertise, including journals, statistical databases, full-text and reference databases and other important electronic materials. The databases are accessible within the THL network with the ip code.

THL's library database, THLlib, is only accessible via THL’s local network.

Journal list