News and articles on issues related to the work of THL International Affairs

Challenges and success stories in the implementation of cross-border e-prescription between Finland and Estonia
6 September 2023

Analysis of Nordic and Baltic high traffic cross-border mobility hot-spots reveals the importance of cross-border health data exchange
16 June 2023

Barents cooperation continues with increasing youth participation from the North
27 February 2023

Turkish high-level delegation from the Ministry of Family and Social Services visited THL to learn about child protection and child care services in Finland
13 January 2023

Use of cross-border e-prescriptions was promoted in the workshop of the digitalisation project
14 November 2022

THL studies how the cross-border e-prescription has worked between Finland and Estonia
24 March 2022

Nordic-Russian AMR Programme presented at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
17 September 2021

A diagnose-prescription survey in primary care successfully tested in AMR programme
3 September 2021

Promoting the child’s right to be heard in Kosovo (blog)
11 March 2020

Exchanging experiences of antibiotic-resistant infection control in Nordic and Russian hospitals
9 Jan 2020

EU Joint Action - Political support needed for sufficient harm reduction for drug users
29 Nov 2018

Careful planning and committed implementation of the Nordic-Russian health programme brought results
29 October 2018

International conference discusses chronic lung diseases in Helsinki
6 September 2018

Ideas and approaches for cross-sectoral collaboration in HIV prevention shared in Archangelsk
27 June 2018

Study visit to Iceland was an eye-opener
27 June 2018

NCM funded Nordic-Russian Health Programme is a unique new move for HIV and TB cooperation
20 April 2018

Shift from treatment to prevention of TB and early diagnosis are under way in North-West Russia
 April 2018

Journalists and bloggers have a key role in communicating correct information on HIV in appropriate language – “I write about HIV” seminar held in Kaliningrad  
1 February 2018