Climate change and Health: Adapting to Mental, Physical and Societal challenges (CHAMPS)


01.01.2020 - 31.12.2024

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Mental Health

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This project will extend understanding of climate change impacts beyond direct health effects to the wider societal costs.


  1. to investigate relationships between weather variables and observed effects on mental, behavioural and physical health, sickness absence and mortality and describe the spatial and temporal distributions of these effects using nationwide register data,
  2. to identify differential patterns of exposure and vulnerability among populations affected by weather events, and relate these to information on demographic, socioeconomic, occupational and pre-existing health status,
  3. to project future health impacts and costs, applying causal relationships established for present-day climate under a range of climate change, socioeconomic and adaptation scenarios, and
  4. to work with stakeholders to identify appropriate adaptation pathways for ameliorating future risks attributable to changing climate in the context of broader policy goals.


Population-based health examination studies and health care registers provide data which the project uses for analysis how the changing solar global radiation as induced by climate change influences on the heat stress, mental health and occupational functioning. With the case study the project evaluates which measures are necessary to reduce the social inequality due to climate change.

Socioeconomic scenarios for health and social welfare in a changing climate will be of paramount importance.


This is a consortium together with Finnish Environment Institute, Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Eastern Finland and University of Helsinki.


Academy of Finland

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Timo Partonen
research professor
Tel. 029 524 8859
E-mail: [email protected]