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We will combine genomic data with health data to evaluate the individual risk to common diseases.

Utilization of genomic data in the personalized risk assessment and prevention of common chronic diseases creates a unique opportunity for the modern personalized health care, enabling more targeted and cost-effective use of the limited health care resources.

Genomics to Healthcare (P6), coordinated by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), is a large-scale national initiative aiming to prepare the Finnish health care system for the clinical utilization of genetic risk information.

Study objectives

  1. To provide scientific evidence for the utility of genetic risk information in the healthcare by carrying out randomized disease-specific intervention trials.
  2. To evaluate and build competence and genomic literacy skills among various target groups.
  3. To evaluate the health-economic impact of utilizing genetic risk information in the healthcare.
  4. To participate in the development of required infrastructures and technological solutions for utilization of genetic risk information in the healthcare.
  5. To participate in the development of a national multidisciplinary network pursuing to achieve consensus among the various stakeholders on specific issues vital for translating genomic medicine into clinical practice.

Study on the possibilities of using genomic data in healthcare.

Large national health cohort

We will combine traditional health data with genomic information in order to evaluate individual risks of major common diseases in study subjects, including type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and common cancers. 100 000 Finnish residents will be recruited to participate based on random selection from the Finnish population register.

The study subjects will receive information about their genetic health risks accompanied by guidance how to decrease their personal risk and to improve their lifestyle. A selection of the high-risk individuals will be invited to a targeted health intervention, which will include personal guidance on the individual preventive measures and lifestyle changes.

The health-economic impact of utilizing genetic information in the every-day healthcare will be evaluated as part of the initiative.

Opportunities for cooperation

Genomics to Healthcare will be based on open national multidisciplinary collaboration in research and development (R&D). This is expected to create novel collaboration opportunities for research, public-private co-operation and businesses in the health sector and at the same time facilitating genomic medicine as a matter of common knowledge.

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