Symptoms in the abdomen after vaccination

General abdominal symptoms have been reported in connection with some vaccines, including

  • poor appetite
  • nausea
  • sickness
  • vomiting.

The symptoms usually begin on the days after vaccination and disappear in a few days. 
Fever spiking can also make a little child to vomit.

Effects of the rotavirus vaccine

Rotavirus vaccines can cause diarrhoea, gas, loose bowel movements and diarrhoea. 
These symptoms begin within one week from vaccination and usually disappear by themselves. 
In the study, blood in faeces was equally rare in children who received a rotavirus vaccine and children who were given a placebo vaccine. Babies can occasionally have blood in stool, for reasons such as having hard stools. 
Rotavirus vaccine

Treatment of abdominal symptoms

The symptoms usually pass without treatment. You can guide the family to use lactic acid bacteria in treating diarrhoea.

Follow-up vaccinations

Vaccinations can be resumed once the symptoms have disappeared.

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