Vaccination coverage

Vaccination coverage shows the share of the population that has been vaccinated.

Monitoring vaccination coverage is a statutory task of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare monitors vaccination coverage in different age groups and risk groups.

National vaccination programme 

Finland has a national vaccination programme. As a result, many infectious diseases and the related secondary diseases, disabilities and deaths have disappeared from Finland completely or nearly completely.

When a country's vaccination coverage is high, meaning that as many people as possible have been vaccinated against infectious diseases, the diseases can be kept out of the country. If the vaccination coverage drops, the diseases may return.

Finnish national vaccination programme

Vaccination produces herd immunity

Vaccination protects the vaccinated person and those close to them. When a person does not get sick, they will also not spread a disease.   

Vaccinations also provide herd immunity. For example, people who are susceptible to diseases due to a pre-existing condition or age may be indirectly protected by the other people's vaccinations.

Vaccination register

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has established a national vaccination register in Finland, which enables nearly real-time monitoring of the vaccination coverage. The vaccination register can be used to monitor both regional and national vaccination coverage. 

Finnish National Vaccination Register and monitoring of the vaccination programme

Vaccination coverage of children 

The vaccination coverage of young children in Finland is very good and children are very rarely unvaccinated.

The vaccination coverage of children can be monitored using the national vaccination register.

An interactive map feature presents the coverage at the municipal, wellbeing services county and national level. The vaccination coverage of children can be viewed on the map. The map also contains information on the coverage of the first and second doses of the 4-in-1 vaccine and the MMR vaccine. 

Map children’s vaccination coverage 

Other vaccination coverages

On its Infectious diseases and vaccinations website, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare publishes regular vaccination coverages on

  • HPV vaccinations
  • influenza vaccinations
  • covid-19 vaccinations.

Map:HPV vaccination coverage

Map: Influenza vaccination coverage

Vaccination coverage data is only reliable if the vaccinations have been recorded correctly in the electronic health records. Data on the vaccinations given is transferred from the electronic health records system to the vaccination register in the Avohilmo data collection.