Shipping samples

In connection with vaccine response tests, please note that the first sample should be taken before the vaccination and the second sample at the earliest 4 weeks after the vaccination. It is recommended that the second sample be taken no later than 2 months after vaccination. 

The test result will be available to you at the latest one month after the sample arrives. We send the results in writing by post.


You can fill out the form before printing. When you fill out the form, you can select the desired assays by ticking on the boxes.

Referral: 1253 S-CodiAb, 2738 S-ClteAb, 3585 S-Hib-Ab, 6296 S-SpnAbNV, 6297 S-SpnAbVT (pdf 102 KB)

Instructions on sending samples

Serum samples (around 0.5 ml) can be stored in a refrigerator if sent on the same or the following day (longer term storage at -20 ° C). You can also send a frozen sample at room temperature.

The name of the research subject, his/her date of birth and the date of sampling must be written on the sample tube. Remember to attach a carefully completed referral note with the sample.

The serum tubes, together with an absorbent (pulp or sponge cloth), are sealed in a plastic bag, packed in a padded black and yellow striped cardboard carrying case or plastic cover, with the referral on top.

For detailed packing and shipping instructions, see the instructions by Posti

Sample shipping address

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Expert Microbiology Unit
Vaccine immunology laboratory
Paid service
P.O. Box 30
00271 Helsinki, Finland