Vaccines and coronavirus

COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective  against severe forms of the disease. For healthy people under 65, three vaccine doses provide effective protection against severe COVID-19. 

Protection against mild disease and infection  is low and short-lived.

Who should get a booster vaccine?

Age is the most important risk factor for severe COVID-19, even without underlying conditions. Certain illnesses and conditions increase the risk of severe disease. 

In risk groups, the protection against severe illness declines over time, and booster vaccinations are recommended. That is why booster vaccination is offered for risk groups in late autumn. The vaccine is the new Comirnaty vaccine adapted for the XBB 1.5 variant. 

When getting the vaccine in late autumn, it is no longer relevant how many vaccinations you have had or how many times you have had COVID-19.

We recommend a booster in late autumn for: 

When and where can I get vaccinated?

The wellbeing services counties are responsible for arranging the vaccinations. They will announce the time and place of COVID-19 vaccinations. Please follow the website and communications of your wellbeing services county.

How do I book the late autumn booster vaccination?

Your wellbeing services county will provide information about appointments. You cannot make an appointment on the THL website.

COVID-19 certificates are no longer needed 

The EU Digital COVID Certificate expired on 30 June 2023. It is no longer used in Finland, and you don’t need it for travelling. If it is required, a printout of the COVID-19 certificate from the MyKanta online service is usually sufficient. To access the list, select “Rokotukset” (Vaccinations) in MyKanta. If necessary, you can request a certificate of vaccinations from your health care provider. 

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 symptom check-up service

If you suspect that you have the coronavirus infection, take an online medical COVID-19 symptom check-up to see if you need to seek treatment.

In some municipalities, the Omaolo symptom assessment allows you to make a test appointment or provides instructions on how to make an appointment.

Omaolo symptom check-up service

You can find information on these websites and in other advisory services:

In questions related to your health or vaccinations, contact health care services.