Mental health promotion

As part of a person's overall health, and essential to the wellbeing and functional capacity of individuals, mental health is an important resource. Mental health promotion involves activities aimed at supporting positive mental health and enhancing those factors that strengthen and protect mental health. By enhancing the positive mental health of the population, mental health promotion may also prevent mental health problems.

How to promote positive mental health?

  1. At an individual level – Promote healthy lifestyles, enhance life management skills and improve self-esteem, for example.
  2. At a community level – Improve social support and participation, promote supporting and safe environments.
  3. At a structural level – Guarantee income security, reduce discrimination and inequality in decision-making, for example.

Mental wellbeing is built in daily life individually, in the community and within social structures.

Positive mental health includes:

  • Self-esteem;
  • Optimism;
  • Sense of mastery and coherence;
  • Meaningful activities;
  • Satisfying personal relationships; and
  • The ability to address challenges.

Factors promoting positive mental health can be enhanced by:

  • Increasing the tolerance and flexibility of individuals and society as a whole;
  • Improving survival skills;
  • Improving the quality of life and satisfaction with life;
  • Improving self-esteem and an overall sense of well-being;
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle;
  • Offering social support;
  • Balancing physical, social, emotional and mental health;
  • Improving income security; and
  • Creating supportive living conditions and environments.

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Mental health in times of crises

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can provoke anxiety and fear, even if there is no immediate threat of war. On this page, we have brought together materials for supporting mental well-being and coping in this crisis situation and for providing help to others.

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