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The project will support various organisations and professionals in strengthening and embedding an anti-racist approach to work in the operating methods and structures of organisations. In addition, the project will form a peer network of professionals with a BIPOC background (Black, Indigenous, People of colour) for discussing anti-racism themes from the perspective of minorities. 

The Strengthening an anti-racist approach to work: acceleration and mainstreaming project is a continuation of the Online course on anti-racism for professionals project implemented in 2022.


The aim of the project is to reduce racism and discrimination and to identify and dismantle structures that prevent equality and anti-racism. The project’s aim is: 

  • to strengthen competence in anti-racism and the anti-racist structures that exist in an organisation
  • to create a peer support network for professionals with a BIPOC background
  • to identify good practices in promoting anti-racism and document and disseminate them more extensively in different organisations


The project implements a one-year accelerator process for organisations, in which professionals are provided with customised training, support and guidance for developing their own operating methods with an equal and anti-racist approach to work. 

In addition, the project will form a peer support network for professionals with a BIPOC background, in which the themes of anti-racism and equality will be discussed from the perspective of minorities. 

The good practices of both the accelerator process and the peer support network will be identified and documented during the project. Based on this, materials will be created that will enable different actors to make their own activities more anti-racist.


Finnish Refugee Council


The project is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union.

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Mona Eid
Project Manager

Yacine Kalke
Senior Planning Officer 

Anna Kanninen
Planning Officer

[email protected]

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Co-funded by the European Union.