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Public Health Promotion Unit

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HBCS is focusing upon the early origins of health and disease from a life course perspective.


We study the long term health influences of early growth and living conditions. Areas of interest include cardiovascular disease and their risk factors, psychological aspects, ageing and cancers.


The epidemiological part of the study is focusing on 13 345 people born in 1934–44 in Helsinki. Over 2000 people have participated in a clinical part of the study. The participants are all born in Helsinki in 1934–44 and they have date on prenatal growth based on birth records and information on childhood growth for child welfare clinic records.


  • University of Helsinki
  • Samfundet Folkhälsan
  • University of Southampton
  • OHSU
  • University of Lund
  • Edinburgh University
  • KI


  • EU FP7
  • Academy of Finland
  • Samfundet Folkhälsan
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Finnish foundations

Contact information

Johan Eriksson
Research Manager
E-mail: [email protected]