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The purpose of the FinHealth Study is to collect up-to-date information on the health and well-being of adults residing in Finland, and on the factors influencing their health and well-being.

Your valuable contribution will

  • support the study of disease prevention and treatment 
  • promote the ability to function and well-being of Finnish people
  • improve Finnish health care and welfare services. 

The study is carried out at 50 localities in 2017, with the objective of studying 10,000 randomly selected persons over the age of 18.

The study consists of a physical examination and questionnaires. Some subjects also take walking or balance tests or an extensive nutrition interview.

FinHealth profile

The personal health profiles of the participants of the FinHealth study will be sent during February 2018. Along with the personal results of the participants, the health profile includes mean results of the population as well as information on reference values.

An example of a health profile (pdf 0,6 MB)