Online course on anti-racism for professionals

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1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022

Unit at THL:

Equality and Non-Discrimination

Online course

Online course on anti-racism for professionals consists of 16 videolectures, reflective questions and concepts.

Online course (Migration and cultural diversity)


The aim of the project was to reduce ethnic discrimination and structural racism by providing professionals and students with information on anti-racist work.

We developed a high-quality online course package to help professionals and students learn more about an anti-racist approach to work and utilise an anti-racist approach in their own work.

The project promoted the Government action plan Equal Finland, which combats racism and promotes good relations between population groups. The online course on anti-racism was developed as one of the measures of the action plan.

Implementation and target group

The project offered videos discussing racism as an online course. The videos are tools that help people to:

  • recognise racist structures in their work
  • develop anti-racist practices.

The target group of the course included professionals and students working in the social welfare and health care sector and related sectors (education, safety and security) as well as their organisations and educational institutions. People working and studying in these fields encounter immigrant and ethnic minorities in their work, giving them an excellent opportunity to strengthen their anti-racist approach to work.

The online course can also be utilised by professionals and students in other fields who encounter people of colour and minorities who have moved to Finland. The course offers excellent tools for anyone who wants to strengthen an equal approach to work.

The project will benefit all refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and ethnic minorities who face racism in their lives.

The course materials produced in the project was developed in cooperation with the project partner and cooperation network, drawing on the principles of co-creation.


The project was coordinated by THL. The project partner was Tuotantoyhtiö Opetuselokuvat Oy.
The key partners of the project’s extensive cooperation network were the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment who participate in the project both in terms of content and in the form of co-funding.


The project was funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. 

Contact information

Mona Eid
Project Manager
tel. +358 295 248 707
email: [email protected]

Anu Castaneda
Research Manager
tel. +358 (0)29 524 7848
[email protected]