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Knowledge Management and Co-Creation

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  1. Home living operating models and services will be reformed by utilizing technology to maintain the functional capacity and well-being of the person living at home, to support independent and safe living, to promote services brought home and to increase the well-being and workload of home care staff.
  2. New technologies are developed, piloted and introduced in social and health care areas in a systematic and nationally coordinated manner.
  3. The introduction and use of new technologies produces positive welfare effects and social and health care personnel effects, as well as cost-curbing effects.
  4. The introduction and use of new technologies will have a positive impact on the Finnish business, innovation and business field, including international operations.
  5. The new approach to national coordination supports cooperation between social partners and companies in piloting and deploying technologies.

Expected results

  1. National coordination model for codevelopment and collaboration between various parties. 
  2. The new service models that were developed and implemented in projects within the KATI programme.
  3. Impact evaluations of the technology solutions that were developed and implemented in projects within the KATI programme.


The programme promoted development technology supported models to renew services for elderly. Various technology solutions can support independent living, home care and other services brought home. The programme emphasized co-development, involving end users in the evaluation of technology solutions, and the ethics of the solutions.

KATI programme granted state subsidies. The funding was directed for consortia of municipalities or associations of municipalities.

Collaboration partners

  • Technology coordination: VTT
  • Business Finland
  • Healthtech Finland
  • The Union for Senior Services (a national non-profit umbrella organization for the care of elderly)


Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Contact information

Heidi Anttila
KATI programme coordinator
Senior researcher, PhD
tel. +358 (0)29 524 7687 
[email protected]