Laboratory services

Sample tubes.

THL Biobank Laboratory provides high quality services and consultation in different types of sample collection and processing activities.

Biobank laboratory takes care of sample collections and sample processing in THL Biobank. In addition, the laboratory provides sample processing services as well as sample collection planning for research projects and research groups around Finland. We are a part of the national biobank network, and a member of Finnish Biobank Cooperative, FINBB.

Processing of samples

As a research service the laboratory carries out high-quality DNA, RNA and cell extraction and further processing of the samples. The high-quality equipment of the laboratory enables automatised processing of samples. Information management systems helping the quality control and protecting the data privacy of the samples have also been developed for the needs of the laboratory.

Processing of samples (incl. extraction and processing of DNA, RNA and cells)

Consultation support and project planning

In addition to sample processing Biobank laboratory provides consultation support and project planning. THL Biobank has extensive experience in carrying out large sample collections (population studies by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, large international and national research consortia, such as the SUPER study). Based on your wishes, we can support and consult you to carry out your project.

Biobank laboratory services are available for all research groups and companies. Our services are diverse and can be individually tailored.

THL Biobank laboratory is located in THL main campus, Tilkanmäki, Helsinki.

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