End-of-life care

An older man sitting in a wheel chair.

End-of-life care is based on the individual's own needs and wishes. 

The aim of end-of-life care is to promote quality of life and ensure a dignified death. A person approaching death will be cared for and supported in ways that take into account the person's life values and wishes. 

Palliative care is holistic provided for a patient with a progressive incurable disease and their family members that focuses on the alleviation of symptoms and psychological well-being.

Care may be provided at home, in a nursing home or a care home, in a hospice or in a hospital. Familiar surroundings and medical personnel help to maintain the quality of life. 

End-of-life care is regulated by laws and guidelines. They define the ethical aspects of the care: personal self-determination, integrity and respect for human dignity.