Centralised counselling and client guidance

Centralised counselling and client guidance is a service that manages customer flow and helps the client to get the services they need.

In the centralised model, a single contact is needed 

Objectives of centralised counselling and client guidance:

  • a single contact is enough
  • information on the services is available comprehensively 
  • the service process is flexible
  • the services meet the needs.

The idea behind centralised counselling and client guidance is that the client has a low threshold for contacting counselling that offers information on local services or initiates the service assessment process if necessary.

The client counselling process starts when the counselling professional identifies that an older person might need regular visits by home care or 24-hour care, for example.

Client guidance

  • co-operates with the older person to determine their overall situation
  • assesses the service need comprehensively and takes the individual’s needs into account
  • creates a client plan
  • makes decisions on the planned services
  • coordinates and monitors the implementation of the services.