Use of information in services

In Finland, nationally harmonised and interoperable information is available to professionals in care processes and can be used nationally, across organisational boundaries. Nationally defined and managed security and privacy policies ensure that information is only available to the appropriate actors. The archiving of social services data is in its early stages. 

Citizens will be able to view their own treatment or social services data. To some extent, citizens can also provide information to professionals through their own welfare applications. The client will also be able to opt-out of access to their own data.

In certain well-defined cases, it is also possible to transfer data between social welfare organisations and other public authorities. For example, a doctor's opinion for a customer's driving licence application.

Kanta services

Kanta is a nationwide information system service for processing patient/client data and welfare data provided and maintained by Kela.

Kanta services include a range of services for storing health and social care client and patient data, managing the customer's own data, prescription and medication data, and transmitting data outside health care organisations.

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The Kanta Services are used comprehensively by both public and private social welfare and healthcare providers. Kanta combines patient and client data from healthcare and social welfare into an aggregate form. In total, more than two million new documents are stored in the Kanta Services every day. 

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