Knowledge management

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Information is the key for promoting health and wellbeing. Information about the current situation as well as on the desired end result is important in goal setting.

Information about the state of health and wellbeing and health promotion activities is available on THL's web services. Unfortunately, many of these databases are only available in Finnish and/or Swedish.


A service describing municipalities’ activities to promote residents’ health.

TEAviisari is a database that has information about municipalities’ health promotion activities. It can give valuable information to municipalities, regions and schools in their work of planning and managing health promotion. TEAviisari focuses on how well organisations integrate health and wellbeing promotion in their basic activities.

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Comprehensive population health and wellbeing data on all Finnish municipalities.

The Sotkanet Indicator Bank has data on the population’s health and wellbeing from 1990 to this day. You can examine the indicators in numbers and percentages. Descriptions give more information about the indicators and the results.

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Statistics on population health by region and population group.

Terveytemme has information on the population’s health for example by region. It has information about health and wellbeing by education groups. It can be used to find out more about municipalities’ inhabitants’ health and wellbeing.

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Information about students’ health and wellbeing.

Kouluterveyskysely has data about children’s and teenagers’ health and wellbeing. This information can be used in both schools and municipalities but also on a national level in decision making and law preparation.
Information about students’ health and wellbeing (in Finnish)

Innovillage (Innokylä)

An open innovation environment for health and wellbeing.

Innovillage provides tools, events and support for the collaborative and open development of different ways to promote health and wellbeing. The users of Innovillage include public service providers and developers, non-governmental organizations and private service providers.

Innokylä (in Finnish)