Forensic Chemistry

The Forensic Chemistry Unit serves as the national centre of expertise for forensic toxicology and forensic genetics and participates in research and development activities in the field. The unit also studies and monitors biomarkers that describe nutrition and health and develops analytic solutions for the monitoring of doping.

Forensic Toxicology

  • performs laboratory tests and provides expert statements in the fields of forensic toxicology and alcohol and drug testing
  • assesses and develops practices and methods for alcohol and drug testing
  • studies the use and prevalence of alcohol, drugs and new designer drugs by using modern analytical methods
  • functions as a reference laboratory and disseminates information on the use of alcohol and drugs both nationally and internationally
  • acts as the national expert body in matters relating to forensic toxicology

Forensic Genetics

  • performs statutory forensic genetic paternity tests on request by child supervisors and as ordered by a court of law
  • performs statutory forensic genetic family-tie studies
  • performs forensic genetic paternity, kinship and identity tests on request by private individuals 
  • provides the above-mentioned DNA studies as a chargeable services using the accredited methods
  • acts as the national expert body in matters relating to forensic genetics

Doping Control Laboratory

  • Doping control laboratory accredited by WADA 
  • engages in cooperation with antidoping organisations and international sports organisations to promote clean and fair sport
  • analyses doping samples and develops new analytical methods for the purpose of doping testing
  • takes part in research related to doping analytics
  • works as part of a global network of antidoping laboratories; there are around 30 laboratories accredited by WADA worldwide


  • studies and monitors the population’s nutrition, health, and disease risks
  • is responsible for the laboratory analytics used in population research and the development of the related laboratory methods
  • plans and directs the implementation of the field work stage of population research and the collection of samples
  • serves as the expert body and central laboratory for national and international research projects

Contact details

Marjo Avela
Head of Unit
tel. +358 29 524 8723
e-mail: [email protected]

Postal address
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
Forensic Chemistry Unit
Po Box 30
FI-00271 Helsinki, Finland