Johanna Närvi

Official title: Senior Researcher
Tel. +358 29 524 7467
E-mail: [email protected]


  • Parental leave, family policies
  • Work–family reconciliation
  • Parenthood and gender equality
  • Wellbeing of families with children

Primary duties

Research in the areas of expertise 


  • 2014, Doctor of Social Sciences, Gender Studies, University of Tampere, Finland
  • 2008, Master of Social Sciences, Sociology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Professional background

  • 2014– , Senior Researcher, THL
  • 2008–2014, Researcher, THL/STAKES
  • 2006–2008, Research Assistant, STAKES

Language skills

  • Finnish (native)
  • English (excellent)
  • Swedish (good)
  • French (good)
  • Italian (good)
  • Spanish (fair)

Current projects

Previous projects

  • 2022–2021, The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wellbeing of families with children
  • 2015–2021, CHILDCARE - Researching In/equality in Finnish Childcare Policies 
  • 2016–2018, Visible fathers: recognising fathers’ care responsibilities at workplaces 


  • 2016– , International Network on Leave Policy and Research, member
  • 2021–2022, The Finnish Society for Research on Families and Personal Relationships, board member

Selected publications

Scientific research articles

Book contributions

  • Terävä, Johanna & Närvi, Johanna & Lammi-Taskula, Johanna & Eerola, Petteri (2022) Kuka hoitaa kotona? [Who cares at home?] In P. Eerola et al. (eds.): Lastenhoidon ja varhaiskasvatuksen monet polut — Lasten, perheiden ja politiikan näkökulmia. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.
  • Närvi, Johanna & Salmi, Minna & Lammi-Taskula, Johanna (2020) Home care and early childhood education in Finland: Policies and practices of childcare. In Katja Repo et al. (eds.): The Policies of Childcare and Early Childhood Education: Does Equal Access Matter? Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 133–151. 
  • Närvi, Johanna & Salmi, Minna (2019) Kotitöiden ja yhteisten kulujen jakaminen tyytyväisyyden tai ristiriitojen lähteenä parisuhteissa [The division of housework and expenses as a source of satisfaction or disagreement in couple relationships]. In Mia Teräsaho & Johanna Närvi (eds.): Näkökulmia sukupuolten tasa-arvoon – analyyseja tasa-arvobarometrista 2017. Raportti 6/2019. Helsinki: THL. (in Finnish)