Social Sustainability

The Social Sustainability team studies social problems and inequality, identifies mechanisms behind them, and looks for solutions for them through welfare policy. The aim is to produce high-quality research knowledge and provide expertise to support social policy decision-making, the impact assessment of said decisions, and major societal reforms.

Research areas: 

  • Socio-demographic differences in well-being, health, living conditions and economic resources 
  • Regional differences in well-being and residential segregation
  • Social problems and their underlying mechanisms (e.g. poverty, intergenerational disadvantage, social exclusion, homelessness, health problems)
  • Social, economic and ecological sustainability in a changing world (incl. climate change and its social impacts)
  • Institutions and structures of the welfare state (incl. the role of social and health services and social security in solving social problems)
  • Gender equality, reconciliation of work and family life, family policy  
  • Social impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic 

Social sustainability team staff

Contact information:

Laura Kestilä
Team Manager,  Research Manager
tel. +358 29 524 8795
email: [email protected]