How is the FinSote survey conducted?


  • Information is collected by a mail and online questionnaire.
  • The respondents are at least 20 years old and have permanent residency in Finland. There is no upper age limit.
  • The questionnaire is sent to people drawn by random sampling from the data of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
  • The questionnaire form is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.
  • The survey is carried out annually at the national level (sample size 10,000). This allows processing the findings only on the national level, not by any smaller regions.
  • Once every four years, the sample size is expanded to enable following the changes by counties at a rough level (total sample size about 60,000).
  • New results are reported on annually

The regions have an opportunity to commission an additional sample of the survey, which allows following the development of the well-being of population and the status of services in the county by population group (socioeconomic status, gender and age group) and by municipality. More detailed instructions are being prepared.


The survey form includes around 100 questions on the following topics

  • Living conditions and quality of life
  • Inclusion and functional capacity
  • Health
  • The use of social welfare and health care services
  • The use of digital services
  • Social and health care funding and costs
  • Lifestyle
  • Accidents and violence

Privacy notice for the FinSote survey

Privacy notice (in Finnish)