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2017 - 2021

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Population Health

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The FinSote survey data collection ended in 2020. Survey material will be further exploited and used for in-depth studies. From 2022 onwards, a survey of the adult population will be conducted as part of the wider Healthy Finland survey.

What is the FinSote survey?

The FinSote National survey of health, well-being and service use enables monitoring the changes occurring in the population's well-being and health by different population groups and regions. The survey also produces follow-up and evaluation data on how well the service needs of the population are met as well as the views of the population on the social and health care service system, and the availability, quality and use of services.

While FinSote contains parts of the Regional Health and Well-being Study (ATH), which began in 2010, it has been expanded to also include questions characteristic of the health and social services reform, such as those concerned with services.

What is the FinSote survey needed for?

The FinSote survey

  • produces an important share of the data needed for following and evaluating the health and social services reform
  • enables comparison between counties as well as their comparison with the national situation
  • provides answers to questions concerned with the perceived well-being, and the needs for and use of services among the population not covered by the data in other datasets or registers.

The results of the FinSote survey are quickly implemented

The results are available free of charge in the Terveytemme ('Our health') online service
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Indicators of the FinSote survey are available in the Sotkanet statistics and indicator bank
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Individual respondents cannot be identified in the findings.

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